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Delicious No Bake Mini Wild Blueberry Cream Pies, Just in Time for Summer

I have a vague memory of a cake my mom used to make when I was a kid. It’s one of those food memories where you can remember the taste so well, but you have no idea how it was made or even all of the ingredients.

Mini Wild Blueberry Cream Pies

My Grandma called it ‘Depression Cake.’ From what I understand the name came about because during the Great Depression dessert was a luxury for most families. My Grandma made this cake for my Mom because it was the cheapest way to make dessert without using eggs, butter or sugar. Heck, she didn’t even have to turn on the oven! The cake consisted of layers of graham crackers, chocolate pudding, and sliced bananas. It was set in the fridge until the graham crackers got really soft and cake-like when you sliced it. The topping included fresh whipped cream, which my Grandma made from the cream found on top of her bottled milk.

Believe it or not, Depression Cake is still popular today. Now it’s called Icebox Cake. Even though I haven’t had my mom’s version for over 20 years, I still think back to that cake fondly and it’s my inspiration for this delicious recipe.

Wild Blueberry Cream Pie

I absolutely adore a no-bake dessert, especially one that doesn’t feel lacking in any way. Sometimes when we remake a favorite recipe we tend to think the original is always better. That’s not the case with these Mini Wild Blueberry Cream Pies. They are decadent and creamy with a ton of refreshing and fruity Wild Blueberry flavor.

I really love everything about this dessert. It combines the ease of no-bake with my love for a cold, refreshing dessert. It even has built-in portion control! What more can you ask for?

Although similar to an Icebox Cake because it comes together in the fridge, these little pies are much more flavorful and decadent than my inspiration. I’ve replaced pudding and bananas with homemade whipped cream that’s been folded into a creamy Mascarpone cheese and Greek yogurt base. The base is then gently mixed with naturally sweet and super refreshing frozen Wild Blueberries. The combination is divine, not to mention nutrient-rich. You’re getting the added benefit of protein from the Greek yogurt and of course the antioxidant goodness of the Wild Blueberries. It’s also low in refined sugar. I used a mere two tablespoons of confectioner’s sugar in the entire recipe!

Wild Blueberry Cream Pie Mix

Another great aspect of this recipe is the simple no-bake crust, which also happens to be gluten free. You’ll need just three ingredients to whip up the perfect base for these creamy little Wild Blueberry pies!

No Bake Wild Blueberry Cream Pies

Here’s how I made it:

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