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5 Wildly Energizing Snacks Perfect for a Busy Summer

These warm summer days in New England are short-lived and because of that, we appreciate how precious they are and try not to waste a second. Enjoying every moment of summer can mean lots of time spent outdoors at the beach, on the water, hiking, golfing and about any other way you can imagine to soak up some sunshine. Whatever you’re up to this summer being prepared to keep going with some tasty and energizing snacks made with frozen Wild Blueberries.

If you haven’t heard, Wild Blueberries are rich in health-promoting anthocyanins in their dark blue pigment. Anthocyanins are being studied and researchers are discovering their vast health benefits including enhancing memory in adults and boosting cognition and mood in children and teens. Wild Blueberries are also high in fiber and low in sugar.

We’ve selected five of our favorite energizing recipes made with delicious Wild Blueberries to fuel up the entire family. And if you get a chance to sit back and relax on one of these hot summer days, try a bowl of frozen Wild Blueberries slightly thawed. It’s a delicious and refreshing option that we love.

Happy summer!

To keep the “hangriness” at bay during a long day of celebration, have a number of on-the-go snacks on hand. Ditch the store-bought bars and make your own. It’s really easy and you can be certain they’ll be packed with the nutrition you need. Below are two options to try.

Wild Blueberry Energy Bars

On any adventure, be prepared for a cranky toddler, teen or beach buddy with these Wild Blueberry Energy bars by Danielle Omar, MS, RDN of Food Confidence.  You’ll want to make these ahead of time, so the icing has plenty of time to cool. The nutrient-rich oatmeal will keep bellies full, and the Wild Blueberries mixed with the chocolate offers a sweet surprise that will perk up your crew.

Wild Blueberry Energy Bars

No-Bake Wild Blueberry Energy Bars

If turning on the oven on a hot summer day is the last thing you want to do, don’t worry! Use your favorite protein powder and nut butter to load this recipe with energy and dates for sweetness. One of our favorite recipes is this Wild Blueberry Energy Bar. Filled with frozen Wild Blueberries, oats, honey, and other healthy ingredients, it will help keep you going no matter what activity is planned. Let them chill in the fridge for an hour before cutting and keep them cool until snack time!

Energy Boosting Wild Blueberry Smoothie

Start off a busy day with this energizing smoothie that will make everyone think you gave them dessert for breakfast. (Shhh! We wont’ tell them that there’s spinach in there.) You’ll love this #WildYourSmoothie combo created by Kara Lydon, RD, LDN, RYT of The Foodie Dietitian. The Wild Blueberries, banana, and dates keep it sweet without any added sugar. You can easily make this vegan by using your favorite alternative milk, like almond, cashew, or even coconut milk beverage.

Sparkling Wild Blueberry Lemonade

Everyone craves an ice-cold lemonade on a hot summer day. This Sparkling Wild Blueberry Lemonade is delicious and refreshing. It’s infused with sparkling water, coconut water, lemons, and our favorite ingredient– frozen Wild Blueberries! Study results reveal that the nutritional value of frozen fruits and vegetables are generally equal to – and in some cases better than – their fresh counterparts. Freezing also locks in the complex sweet and tart taste of Wild Blueberries. So, the high nutritional value is guaranteed to last whenever you decide to take Wild Blueberries out of the freezer!

Wild Blueberry Coconut Yogurt Pops

After a long day exploring the wilds of summer, the kids typically run into the house to raid the pantry for a snack. Nothing will satisfy their hungry bellies more that these Wild Blueberry Coconut Pops by Katie Morford MS, RD of Mom’s Kitchen Handbook. Made with yogurt, frozen Wild Blueberries, lemon juice, and maple syrup, you can turn the sweetness dial-up or down based on the yogurt you use. Now, name one kid who doesn’t love a popsicle. They’ll be screaming for more of this pretty, fro-yo popsicle treat.

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