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Going Wild for Super Bowl Appetizers

A large part of being a Washingtonian means you are surrounded by die-hard Redskins fans. Football Sunday is always the best time to be out on the roads because everyone is inside, cheering on the Skins with friends and family. It’s not uncommon to visit a friend’s house and find… Read More

Health & Nutrition

How to Sneak Your Toddler Superfoods

By Hannah Richards Before I became a parent I always used to shake my head at the kids menu at local restaurants. Macaroni and Cheese, Grilled Cheese, Pasta with Butter and Cheese, Cheese with Added Cheese… you get the idea. Now, as a parent, I totally get it. That’s pretty… Read More


Kick Off a Healthy New Year with Wild Blueberries

By Anne Mauney, MPH, RD It’s officially a new year – and many of us are itching to reset the clock and eat healthier after a season of indulgence. What better way to kick off a healthy New Year than by incorporating nutritious foods into your diet? So I was… Read More


Getting Wildly Healthy with Anne Mauney

This month we are excited to introduce our Getting Wildly Healthy Series with Anne Mauney. Anne is a Washington, D.C. based registered dietitian, author of a food and fitness blog, and marathon runner who is absolutely passionate about helping people get healthy. She has a Masters of Public Health in… Read More

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A Wild Twist On Feeding Guests This Holiday

The hustle and bustle of the holidays can leave you with little time (or energy) to get creative in the kitchen, especially if you have family in town and a few extra mouths to feed. Quesadillas are the perfect answer to this no-time-to-cook dilemma. For one, they are the ultimate… Read More

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The Perfect Superfood Stocking Stuffer: Wild Blueberry Barque!

It’s not everyday that you discover a food that rocks your world. Well, a little bag just arrived in the mail and I can barely contain myself. It’s Wild Blueberry Barque! Say what? Yes, this is something I’ve never seen before and I’m telling you, it’s delicious, and some brilliant… Read More

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The 1 Easy Trick Professional Bakers Use for the Best Blueberry Pies

There’s a hot local bakery in Portland, Maine, that’s churning out hundreds of pies a week all year long but especially during the holiday season. At the top of the bakery’s popularity list is Wild Blueberry Pie. In fact, Two Fat Cats Bakery scoops out 210-pounds of frozen Maine Wild… Read More

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A Wild Twist on Thanksgiving (Part 2)

My husband and I have an unspoken rule. I just put the food in front of him and ask him to taste it. I don’t set it up. I don’t tell him what’s in it or how it’s supposed to taste. I don’t ask him any questions except…do you like… Read More

Health & Nutrition

A Wild Twist on Thanksgiving Dinner: Part 1

Being a vegetarian for the last few decades, Thanksgiving is not a food holiday I get overly excited about. Unless I’m hosting (which is rare) the Thanksgiving meal for me is usually a plate full of sides. Which is perfectly okay, I don’t mind, it’s a great opportunity to exercise… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Wild Blueberries & Cream Chocolate Coated Mummy Cookies

Halloween is inevitably one of the hardest holidays to control the consumption, or should I say, over consumption of your children’s sugar intake. Sugar is in every aisle, in every store, at every party and in most every kid friendly treat available. Making a healthier Halloween snack is easier than… Read More

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