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2018 Food Trends to Inspire Your Smoothie Making Routine

Whole Foods recently unveiled the hottest food trends for 2018. The two trends we’re most excited about are floral flavors and super powders because they pair well with delicious and healthy frozen Wild Blueberries. Floral ingredients, including whole flowers, petals and infused botanical flavors, will be used in everything from… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Purple Food: 5 Trend Setting Wild Blueberry Recipes

As we reflect on this year’s health food highlights, it’s clear it was a breakthrough year for purple.  Purple cauliflower made its foray onto our plates, along with purple asparagus, purple sweet potatoes, purple corn, and purple fruits like elderberries, acai, and Wild Blueberries. Why? According to the 2017 Whole… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Five Reasons Why Eating Together is Healthier for Families

October is Eat Together, Eat Better Month, a time to refocus our energies on family meals and enjoying tasty and healthy dishes around the table together. Eating together is not just important for children—it’s important for adults, too. Families who eat together, eat better What’s so great about eating together?… Read More

Health & Nutrition

When Frozen Beats Fresh in Nutrition

It’s a nutrition question that’s plagued healthy eaters since the first frozen fruits and vegetables were marketed in 1930: are frozen foods as nutritious as their fresh counterparts? While I certainly won’t deny that fresh foods can be nutritious, I’m also not a blind believer of the “fresh is best”… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Shashi Charles puts a Savory Spin on Life

A native of Sri Lanka who spent her childhood in Abu Dhabi, London, and other foreign countries, Shashi Charles didn’t even see a smoothie until the early 1990s when she moved to America as a teenager. Later, when she became a mom and a runner, smoothies took a more prominent… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Natural Mood Boosting Foods + Wild Blueberry and Chocolate Skillet Pancake Recipe

I don’t know about you, but my mood always takes a turn for the better when I look out my window and see flowers and grass instead of ice and snow. Spring is certainly a mood-booster, but the changing seasons don’t always give you the feel good fuel you need… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Tempting Food Tweaks Help You “Put Your Best Fork Forward”

March is National Nutrition Month® in the U.S., and this year’s theme, “Put Your Best Fork Forward” is a great one because it reminds us all that taking steps to improve our nutrition through smart eating is possible. This year’s theme does not demand perfection. Instead, it prods us to… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Granola Business Grows with Innovative Products, Premium Ingredients, and Solar Power

Maine has long been known for its lobster and Wild Blueberries, but if two Western Maine entrepreneurs have their way, the state may be on its way to becoming a hub for organic Granola, too. GrandyOats founders Aaron Anker and Nat Peirce have been quietly expanding their homegrown business for… Read More

Health & Nutrition

What’s good for your body is good for your skin

Maine entrepreneur gains traction with Wild Blueberry all-natural beauty line In one of the most rural corners of America, Nancy Lowry is hard at work building a conscious company. Lowry calls herself a farmer, and as someone who lives and works on a 12-acre farm, she certainly qualifies. But she’s… Read More

Health & Nutrition

Local Flavor: The Benefits of Keeping School Lunch Local

For one week each fall, schoolchildren across Maine look forward to some of the tastiest school lunches of the year, and with every bite, they enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they are supporting local farmers, fishermen, growers, and processors. However, many in Maine, including John Rebar, executive director of the… Read More

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